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Secrets Monday Re-feed

Every first Monday of the month atthesametime hosts "Secrets Monday" in his LJ. People post their anonymous secrets, which is surprisingly fun, and sometimes it gets up to like 200+ posts.

In an effort to keep it fresh, you are cordially invited to spit in the Secrets Monday bucket along with the rest of us. You don't have to be on his FL, and all posts are anonymous and IP tracking is off.

Do it: http://atthesametime.livejournal.com/tag/secretsmonday !

the time has come

Most of my entries are friends-only, as I am paranoid. And a control freak. Leave a comment or get in touch with me some other way and I'll add you.

Some Things You Should Know About Me Before You Friend Me

1)If you like to use your LJ (or mine) to talk about how black/queer/fat/poor/foreign people disgust/frighten/irritate/enrage/scare you, then we're not cut out to be friends.

2)Dogs are better than cats.

3)I used to be an "aisle seat" but now I'm totally a "window."

4)Emoticons should be used sparingly :)

5)Liars suck.

6)Even if you're a complete atheist or entirely lacking in spirituality (which I am), it's never a bad idea to live by the Golden Rule: "what goes around, comes around."

7)When in doubt: What Would Henry Rollins Do?